I have been drawn to various fiber arts since I was a kid, but it wasn’t until I began to weave that I felt like I had finally found my thing. I love weaving. I love the utility of it. I love the tools and equipment that it uses. I love the history of it. I love the idea of making a functional thing of beauty. I love the ingenuity that is involved and the problem solving that is required at every turn. For some reason, I have the desire to make at the most basic level. It began with wanting to sew my own clothes, and has evolved to wanting to weave my own cloth. I’ve recently begun to learn to spin yarn and I keep threatening to get a couple of sheep and to plant a small field of flax. A girl can dream. In my making I am continually thinking about the impact that creation has on the environment. I try to use natural, sustainable, and responsible materials as much as possible. Sometimes this means using vintage or thrifted materials, other times it means using new responsibly grown natural fibers. 

Feel free to contact me if interested in a collaboration, or would like to talk more about the process of ordering custom handwoven fabric sold by the yard.